EPITROCHASMOS (Ep ‘-i-tro-chas ‘-mos), from ἐπί (epi), upon, and τροχαῖος (trochaios), a running along , tripping along. This name is given also to a certain kind of Parenthesis (q.v.). See primary file – Asyndeton.

From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E.W. Bullinger, page 137  Asyndeton.

From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E.W. Bullinger, page 438 (Epitrochasmos) or, SUMMARISING.

A running lightly over by way of Summary.

When the enumeration called Synathrœsmus is made, not for the sake of amplifying but only for the sake of abbreviating, by summarising, so as to hurry over what is being said (rather than for the sake of dwelling upon it), so as to pass on quickly to another subject, it is then called EPITROCHASMOS (Ep’-i-tro-chas’-mos), from ἐπί (epi), upon or over, and τροχάζειν (trochazein), to run along quickly, Hence Epitrochasmus means a running lightly over.

The Latins called it PERCURSIO, which means a running through. In this connection, it is practically the same as Asyndeton (q.v.), where examples may be found.

See Ex. 15:9, 10.

Epitrochasmus is therefore a figure of Omission; in that the conjunction “and” is omitted for the sake of running quickly through the enumeration; and an omission of sense also, in that it abbreviates and summarises.

On the other hand it comes under the head of figures involving addition in that it at the same time certainly amplifies by a copious pouring forth of words.

Thus, while there is an actual addition of words, that very addition is for the purpose of avoiding a longer statement. We have therefore mentioned this figure here in this division.

Heb. 11:32 is an example; where a number of persons are named or alluded to,
but not dwelt upon.

From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E. W. Bullinger,
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