An Expression of Feeling by way of Politeness.

As-te-is’-mos. Greek, ἀστεϊσμός, refined or polite talk; clever, witty, or pleasing language; graceful or happy turn of phrase. It is from ἀστεῖος (asteios), of the town,
(from ἄστυ (astu), city): i.e., the polite and genteel expressions of society:
Urbanity as opposed to

It is used as a change involving the application of words by way of expression of feeling.

Sometimes Asteϊsmos is used as an addition affecting the sense of words by way of reasoning.
For this, see page 488.
See also Asteismos file page.

From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E. W. Bullinger,
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