I began putting these chapters of the Bible together as I went through and worked the figures of speech in them.

They are based on the book “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible

by Dr. E. W. Bullinger. While the figures Dr. Bullinger lists in the appendix of the book (under Bible chapters) are comprehensive, they were not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all figures present. The purpose of the list is simply to show the reader what figures of speech have been mentioned in the book. As such, they are only a brief sampling of each figure as examples to help the reader understand each figure.
(Note from the bottom of page 1032: “This index does not contain the passages that are merely referred to; but only those actually used in illustration of the Figures of Speech.”)  

Because I could not hope to memorize every example given, I decided to make notes that I could refer back to in the future. These notes became the website. As I discover new figures I will add them as they are found. And, rather than having this information only for my personal use, I decided to add it to the website so that anyone who wishes can learn from the material. As other people find figures and share them with me, I can add them to the chapters as well.

Not every occurrence of figures here will be mentioned in the book, and as time goes on, when new occurrences are found and added, many will not be from the lists in the appendix of the book. However, with each of these will be information supporting a find, such as a link to further explain, or a note to help identify and understand the figure better.

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Thanks-Ken Rossoll