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Tapeinosis – A lessening of a thing in order to increase it.     159
(Also called Anæresis (parenthetical),  and Antenantios.)

Temporis Descriptio – A Description of Time.     455
(Also called Chronographia.)

Thaumasmos – An Expression of Feeling by way of Wonder.     923

Theoprepōs – Idiomatic Expression meaning “Worthy of a god”.     880

Tmesis – A Change by which one Word is cut in two, and another Word put in between.    702
(Also called Diacope, Diæresis, Diastole, Dialysis, Divisio and Ectasis. )

Topographia – Description of a Place.     453
(Also called Loci Descriptio.)

Trajectio – The position of One word changed so as to be set over against the Other.     699
(Also called Anastrophe, Inversio, Parallage and Syncategorema. A kind of Hyperbaton.)

Transitio – A passing from one subject to another.    908
(Also called Interfactio and Metabasis.)

Translatio – A transferring of the Blame from one’s self to another.    609    736    967
(Also called Metastasis, which is its primary association, but sometimes used to name Metalepsis and sometimes Metaphor.)

Translatio in Adversarium – The use of a Counter  Charge, or Recrimination.     966
(Also called Accusatio Adversa, Anticategoria and Tu Quoque.)

Transumptio – A taking across from one to another.    609
(Also called  Metalepsis – [Two Metonymies, one contained in the other, but only one expressed], and Translatio.)

Tu Quoque – The use of a Counter  Charge, or Recrimination.     966
(Also called Accusatio Adversa, Anticategoria and Translatio In Adversarium.)

Type – A shadow or symptom. A figure or ensample of something future and more or less prophetic,
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