An Expression of Feeling by Way of Benediction or Blessing.

Ben’-e-dic’-ti-o. English, benediction: and it means both the act of blessing, and the blessing itself.

The latter is called a beatitude or blessing.

A large field of study is here opened out before us. It is unnecessary for us to exhaust it. The student will find much spoil in searching out and classifying the various blessings and beatitudes which come under this figure.

See, for example, Deut. 28:3-6;  Ecc. 10:17;  Isa. 30:18;  Eph. 1:3.

Then they may be considered collectively.
The three blessings at the creation. Gen. 1:22, 282:3.

The blessings in the book of Psalms (1:12:1232:1,233:1234:8 (9);  40:4 (5);  41:1 (2);  65:4 (5);  84:4, 5, 12. (5, 6, 13);  89:15 (16);  94:12106:3112:1119:1, 2127:5128:1 (2);  137:8, 9; 144:14, 15146:5).

The seven blessings in the Apocalypse. Rev. 1:314:1316:1519:920:622:7, 14.

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