The Calling Attention to by making a Star or Mark.

As’-ter-is’-mos. Greek ἀστερισμὁς
, a calling of attention to a thing by making an asterisk (from ἀστήρ, asteer, a star).

A marking by putting a star {*}, in order to direct particular attention to a passage or statement. Hence the figure is used when we employ (not an asterisk*) but some word, which answers the same purpose, in directing the eye and the heart to some particular point or subject, such as “Lo!” “Behold!”

As a concordance will furnish a complete list of these, it is not necessary for us to give examples. We will only note that the word “ behold” is not a mere interjection, but is really a verb, telling us actually to look and see, and observe and note attentively.


Behold ” seems to be specially the word used by the Holy Spirit as the Inspirer of Scripture: while “ Verily ” (amen) is the word used by the Lord Jesus; and “ Yea ” is the word of God the Father.


Psa.133:1—“ Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E. W. Bullinger,
(Public Domain) page 926. Adapted for website compatibility.
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