………………(b) After the verb to finish.

1 Sam. 16:11 —“Are here all thy children?”

Here the Ellipsis is avoided by a free and idiomatic translation.
The Heb. reads, “Are the young men finished?”
i.e., “Are the young men finished passing by?” or done passing before me?

Matt. 10:23 —“Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel till the Son of Man
be come.”
Lit. “Ye will not have finished going over the cities,” etc., referring to verses 6 and 7.

Matt. 13:53 —“When Jesus had finished these parables,”
i.e., when Jesus had finished speaking these parables.


From “Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible” by E. W. Bullinger,
(Public Domain) page 36. Adapted for website compatibility.
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