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  • Polysyndeton And A Syndeton Roll

    Well, our meal is almost finished, but now I have a taste for dessert. I remember coming here with the folks and having the hot apple pie with vanilla on top. “Good enough to die for”, as they say. But I never had to, because the folks always seemed to […]

  • Polysyndeton: a New Tray

    Oh look, they’re bringing out a new tray of food to the serving island. Let’s go see what it is, shall we. 8 Charity never faileth: but 1 whether 2 [there be] prophecies, they shall fail; whether 2 [there be] tongues, they shall cease; whether 2 [there be] knowledge, it […]

  • Polysyndeton’s Quiet Dinner Guest

    Polysyndeton: Shhhh.  In verses 1-3 we saw the figure Polysyndeton used, and in more than one way. In verses 4-8 we see Polysyndeton’s counterpart, Asyndeton, which is the absence of conjunctions. With Polysyndeton more conjunctions are used than is normal. With Asyndeton we have the opposite, or less conjunctions than […]

  • Polysyndeton: The Appetizer

    Polysyndeton: The Appetizer. Previously we saw the figure of speech Polysyndeton in the use of TOO many conjunctions, or beyond the normal use. I have heard it said that the Bible was written on an elementary school level, and that its writers were not as well educated as we are […]

  • Polysyndeton: Too Many Conjunctions

  • Polysyndeton: there’s a whole in the bucket.

  • Poly-which-a-ma-callit

  • Epibole: Repetition at irregular intervals.



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